CO/COUNSEL Community Guidelines

CO/COUNSEL is designed to gather various sources of the law into an efficient research map. The goal is for users to crowdsource an interactive map of the law that pieces together important insights missing from common legal research databases.

These Community Guidelines are meant to help you understand how to use and interact with the website in addition to the Terms of Use ( and Privacy Policy ( Please make sure that you understand all three of these documents prior to using this website.

Copyrighted Content – CO/COUNSEL values the content that its contributors post and create on the website, and takes claims of copyright infringement very seriously. Please make sure that you have the right to share or post content on CO/COUNSEL. You retain rights to your individual contribution, but you are providing us a non-exclusive license to use your contributions as detailed in our terms of use. .

Informational Purposes Only – CO/COUNSEL is an interactive source of legal information and knowledge. The content available through CO/COUNSEL’s website is for informational purposes ONLY, and should NOT be taken as legal or professional advice.

Privacy and Confidentiality – CO/COUNSEL values the confidential relationship between an attorney and client. Please do not post confidential client or personal information on CO/COUNSEL!

CO/COUNSEL Community – CO/COUNSEL depends on the accuracy and validity of the content contributed by members of the legal community. CO/COUNSEL encourages you to act in good faith and make accurate, appropriate, and relevant contributions aimed at enhancing the collective legal knowledge.

Reporting Abuse and Infringement

If you see something on CO/COUNSEL that you feel violates our terms, you should report it to us. Please keep in mind that reporting a piece of content does not guarantee that it will be removed from this site.